Monday, October 30, 2006

Firm Butt | How To Get A Firm Butt

There are many names for what people know very well as the rear end. Some of these are buttocks, behind, bum and buns. Believe it or not, how it looks like tells people about the physical condition of the individual.

If the person wants so to have a cute butt to show off and not have one bulging with fat, here are a few exercises that people will find useful.

1. A Dead lift
The individual will stand with feet apart with toes pointing out and hands clasped together in front of the pelvis. The person will then bend the knees forward from the hips.
Some people make the mistake of bending the spine so it is best to do this exercise in front of the mirror to make sure it is straight. The butt should be sticking out and then the legs come back to an extended position.

2. Kneeling kickbacks
The individual will kneel with one leg on the ground while the other is extended into the air. This should be lowered and repeated with the same thing being done to the opposite leg.

3. A Pelvic lift
This begins with the person lying down on the floor. While the knees are bent, the buttocks must be lifted from the ground and held for a few seconds in the air and then repeated. This can be done quickly or slowly with a number of reps per set.

Aside from doing exercises, following a strict diet has also been known to lose fat in the butt. The best is one that is high fresh raw fruits and raw green vegetables with concentrated amounts of fat and carbohydrates. Some protein can also be combined in making this happen.
There are books; magazines and articles on the Internet that can help the person lose fat in the butt. Before trying any of the exercises mentioned, it is best to consult with a doctor to make sure it is safe.

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