Monday, October 30, 2006

Firm Butt | Exercises For Bum Cellulite

How many times have women looked in the mirror only to learn that you don't only have cellulite on the thighs, hips and stomach, but are also a victim of bum cellulite.

The good news is just like any other type of exercises to eliminate cellulite, there are also exercises for bum cellulite included to work with these trouble spots. Cellulite is not only common to heavier women but skinny ones as well. The most important thing to remember when performing exercises for bum cellulite as well as any exercises to eliminate cellulite, is to be sure to make it part of a comprehensive program to make progress in improving the overall look of your body.

Cellulite is defined as a form of fat tissue that has pushed forth through connective skin fibers that via aging, hormones, poor diet and circulation as well as lack of exercise have allowed the body to break down over time. This causes the dimpling, bumping or whatever you'd like to call that growing and bulging appearance on the lower half of a woman's body.

Most fitness experts would agree that the best way to fight cellulite is through exercise (weight lifting and cardiovascular). Exercises for bum cellulite should be included as part of comprehensive exercises to eliminate cellulite, however, you cannot assume that a particular area of the body will improve overnight with strength training. You must also cut back on fat consumption and overall caloric intake in your diet as well as putting forth the effort to burn excess stored fat in those particular areas. In simple terms, complete muscle building exercises, but also incorporate speed walking, jogging, biking for the heart and lastly, clean up your diet and watch what you eat.

What exercises to eliminate cellulite are ideal to firm up areas that just won't budge? Consider some of the following:

Leg Curls
Step Ups

All of these exercises for bum cellulite work on the butt (except leg curls/adductors - which are primarily thigh based) to firm, tighten and tone all areas under attack by cellulite.

By making a firm commitment to eating right, weight training and aerobic exercise it is important to remain determined, consistent and keep oneself motivated. It is very easy to give up if you are not feeling that something miraculous is happening overnight. By utilizing your cellulite product of choice and combining it with a good exercises for bum cellulite or exercises to eliminate cellulite for that matter, you will see the results you want. Just have patience and believe in yourself! It will happen!

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